Why is Your Logo Important?

When you are an Internet marketer, you are your own brand. Some online marketers use their first and last name as their business name, while others actually choose a company name to go by. Either way, you have an online brand and you should also have a logo. When it comes to business logos, no matter what type of business the company or person is in, there are some logos which fit the bill and others that are simply lacking.

When it comes to Internet marketing, your logo is very important and if you do not have a good logo, then it can easily affect your marketing success. Here are 4 reasons why:


A website’s logo often becomes attached to its brand. It is what people think of when people think about a website, an online business and the person running the business. It can also make people remember a person’s name easier if their name is attached to the logo in some manner. If the logo is not catchy or is poorly done, then the marketer could risk having people not remember the website, what the website is about, the marketer and the company as a whole.


When your logo is done well and people remember it than they remember you and your company. The more times and the more places that they see your logo, the more they will associate with you and your business.


A person, company and website that is using the same logo (if well done) across all of the networks (website, social media accounts, business cards, letterhead, email signature etc.) gains trust with the consumer. Consumers like it when everything is the same across the board. If a marketer or online company is using different logos on different accounts or not using a logo that looks nice and is catchy than that could decrease consumer trust or prevent the consumer from trusting the brand in the first place.


Last, a logo that is nicely done brings attention. Businesses online or off are often awarded for their logo design and it can bring attention from other markets. The more attention a company has, the better.

Take a good hard look at your logo or think about developing one if you do not already have one. Remember, if you have had the same logo for several years and you have a strong following, then you may not want to change it even if it is lacking some elements. Think how changing the logo hurt the clothing company GAP last year and the consumer backlash against it. You do not want to go down that road but if your logo has not been around that long and you are just building up your Internet marketing company, it is better to get your logo right now.

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