Print Media is Still Important

As the digital age advances, it’s hard to believe that print media is still a worthwhile endeavor. Between PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, corporate blogs and social media strategies, it may be easy to think that online marketing alone is sufficient to grow a business. As effective as online marketing campaigns can be, no business should dismiss print media as part of their overall marketing strategy. Print media is still an important piece of the marketing puzzle. Here is why:

  • Print is Portable – Even with laptops and smart phones, print media still retains the ultimate portability. It’s available everywhere and to everyone, whether there’s service or power.
  • Print is Preferred – Many consumers still prefer traditional print material, such as magazines and newspapers, over electronic versions.
  • Print is Visible – While it’s true that sending and sharing electronic media is easier and faster, printed publications are often more visible to the average consumer. No specific keyword, special account or access is required.
  • Print is Long-lasting– Unlike a window that may be closed, an ad that may be missed or an e-mail that gets deleted, print media doesn’t go anywhere and can last practically forever.
  • Print is Professional – There is a credibility that is achieved in print that is harder to replicate online. A published article or business magazine carries far more weight than a PDF version found online.
  • Print is Advertising – While there are many different advertising channels, print media is still widely used in advertising. Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, catalogs, and posters are just a few examples. Most importantly, they exist in places where electronic media cannot.

Even as online marketing continues to gain popularity, traditional print media is still a powerful marketing tool for business owners. If the search engine giant Google and retail giant Walmart still use direct mail marketing as part of the marketing mix, why not your business? If your business isn’t taking advantage of print marketing, you may be losing out.