Why such a low start up cost? Easy! We know small businesses are wanting to get their wares online to start selling ASAP! We include everything you need to get started on your e-commerce adventure. From there, you have total control to update anything you want.

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The Website

Ever heard of WordPress? It is only the most widely used CMS used today. And in conjunction with WooCommerce, you can take sales directly on your very own website!

We have several Themes to choose from as a starting point, from there, you can change the look/feel to your heart desire.


Included for free! Did you know having a email address with your domain attached is the single best (and free) advertisement you can ever do? Every time you send an email, you are advertising!

Website Hosting

Not all hosting is created equal, and you don’t want you website running slow do you? We own a USA located server that allows us to better control, better maintain, and better working capabilities on our customer’s sites. There is under 50 account per server, keeping server speeds for each website SUPER fast!

SSL – Security Certificate

Keep your customer’s data secure with a pre-installed SSL Certificate. Peace of mind for them equals more sales for you!

Personalized Domain**

Dream name… dream website domain. This is how people will find and explore your website

The Important Nitty Gritty

  1. Total Cost Breakdown – Annual Costs
    • Website – $150 – One time cost due after the site is live
    • Hosting/SSL/Domain – $350 – Yearly cost due up front to begin the project.
  1. *What is included?
    • We will install WordPress on your hosting account.
    • We will install a prefab theme (Free Storefront Theme) that integrates with WooCommerce.
    • If available, we will add your logo to the site.
    • Basic pages will be setup along with Basic settings (Home, About, Shop, Contact).
    • Basic Google Analytics will be added to the site.
    • Changes to default colors/fonts/layout are not included.
    • You will be responsible to add content, pictures, and products to your site.
    • You will be responsible to setup Tax, Shipping, and Payment (Paypal is the default and free payment method available in WooCommerce).
    • We now can import Etsy listing to Woocommerce for free! (Personalization boxes do not come over)

**Not all Domains are Available

We will check to see if the domain you desire if available. If not, we will reach out for your second choice.

No work will begin until the initial invoice is paid. If the remainder is not paid in 30 days your site will risk deactivation. Hosting/SSL with Nani Design is required for this deal. No customization are allowed in the $499.99 deal, but additional design/development services for either website, digital, or print media can be hired out at our hourly rate of $60 an hour. Just let us know!

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