Ear Savers for Face Mask, Lightweight Flexible Mask Ear Extender, 3D Printed Medical Mask Elastic Holder, Ear Protector, Facemask Strap

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Many great and geeky quotes to choose from! We can also do custom sayings! Please see our other listing.

Quantity: 1 Ear Saver
Larger quantities are available at discount prices (see ‘Qty & Color’ dropdown for a discount).

Color: Black & Orange
**Orders of 25+ will be a mixed of the 2 colors**

Size: 7-1/16 inch total length and 6.5 inch between the furthest 2 adjustment points.

Fun and geeky sayings make this 3D printed mask holder special! It is a plastic band (PLA) with four notches for adjust-ability. Ear guards help you wear a face mask on your head without the discomfort from the elastic bands that go around your ears. They relieve pressure and stop your from getting red marks. It can be worn for long periods of time as the material is flexible / bendable and will form to the back of your head.

This 3D printed face mask extender is Eco-friendly and recyclable (Research PLA recycling). It is perfect for any front-liner, medical staff, or emergency responder. And you’ll look cool at the same time!

———– Important Info ———–
• 3D printed using a Prusa printer. Quality and color may vary from one printed item to the other. Due to tech and material.

• One side is smoother than the other. The saying is facing out.

• Mixed batches will be of anything we currently have on hand and may not be split into even numbers of sayings or colors.

• Made with PLA (Polylactic Acid) which is a plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. It is fully biodegradable and not toxic.

• Hand wash with soap and water only. Can be sanitize with alcohol or with a disinfectant.

———– Donation Info ———–
By purchasing, you are buying a free product and making a donation for time & material only. Money donated is put towards more supplies so we can print more ear savers and donate them to Medical and Emergency staff for free. We are sending hundreds of donated Ear Savers daily to Hospitals, Assisted Living, Dental Offices. We appreciate your donation by buying this product!

———– Shipping Info ———–
• Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic shipping times may be delayed.

• Shipping via USPS First Class Mail or Envelope based on qty purchased.

Qty & Color

1 – Orange, 1 – Black, 2 – Orange, 2 – Black, 5 – Orange, 5 – Black, 5 – Mixed, 10 – Mixed, 10 – Orange, 10 – Black, 25 – Mixed, 50 – Mixed, 100 – Mixed, 150 – Mixed, 200 – Mixed


pla, plastic


As You Wish, Boldly Go, Expecto Patronum, Hero At Work, I Have Spoken, Kamehameha, Level Up, Mixed Sayings, Stay Strong, This Is The Way, You Got This

239 reviews for Ear Savers for Face Mask, Lightweight Flexible Mask Ear Extender, 3D Printed Medical Mask Elastic Holder, Ear Protector, Facemask Strap

  1. Kat Crawley

    Works great and is a wonderful ear saver

  2. Kayleen Teegarden

    Star Rating Only

  3. Kayleen Teegarden

    Star Rating Only

  4. MissKittyF

    I've used this a few times now when going out in public with my mask and it works great!

  5. janeisjane

    Star Rating Only

  6. Mick Amos

    This making wearing a face mask for an entire 13 hour shift of work much more comfortable. The backs of my ears aren’t being worn away constantly by an elastic strap and my coworkers are jealous of the fun sayings I have.

    Thank you for making long shifts as a nurse just a little more bearable.

  7. Kristina Vogel

    Flexible and holds my masks in place. Love the sayings too.

  8. jazzie

    These are perfect! Well made, with a strong, uplifting message of choice and definitely a behind the ear SAVER so the elastic from our new daily mouth covers do not bother that sensitive spot. Thank you for the prompt delivery and safe packaging. I will order again!

  9. loriann1621

    Great product and works great! Fast shipping and arrived well before estimated arrival date. Thank you!

  10. Lisa Gomes

    What a great idea! Made well and super cute sayings. Gifting these to folks that need them.

  11. Christina Garrett

    Great! Came quickly. Thank you!

  12. suzettecabanillas

    Love how this makes wearing a mask comfortable and boost morale too!! Sturdy and cute!

  13. Nichole Kulage

    Love it but didn’t work for the mask I was using. Works with the regular medical ones though

  14. Nichole Kulage

    Love it but don’t like that they stick out and rub the back of my head.

  15. coribowen1984

    Star Rating Only

  16. Denise Stice

    Great. Thank you

  17. Lee Gardner

    Star Rating Only

  18. Kathy K

    Star Rating Only

  19. Kathy K

    Love it! Started using it the same day.

  20. Nicole Campbell

    Purchased for my husband, he likes it a lot!

  21. bexmarie

    Exactly as described and well made!

  22. bexmarie

    Exactly as described and well made!

  23. Janet P Parler MD

    Fast delivery of really unique and clever mask ear savers exactly as advertised. 100% happy with order.

  24. Sara C

    like the color, flexibility, fits comfortably

  25. Sara C

    Flexible, and nice to see something positive in the beginning of the day

  26. Morgan

    Star Rating Only

  27. Morgan

    Star Rating Only

  28. Morgan

    Star Rating Only

  29. Christy Williams

    Star Rating Only

  30. Christal

    I Love My Product,Working In A Hospital They Will Come In Handy. Giving Out To My Co-workers!!🤗

  31. SassyChic

    Love these! Received super fast, is flexible and comfortable. Got one for myself and one for hubby. He loved his as well. There was a small imperfection on one of the ear savers when initially received, but contacted the seller and got a quick response. They were quick to resolve the situation, and very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you!

  32. Bao Tran

    Excellent mask ear saver. Reasonably priced and decent delivery time within the United States. I am incredibly wary of buying things that are made and shipped from China. I feel great. I am supporting a local American business, and I also got what I wanted in return. I would highly recommend this item and company. Thank you.

  33. kityflydarts

    Absolutely adorable.

  34. Jeremy Zern

    Working great so far. No more sore Dumbo ears! Just about everyone has recognized the words. I let them know where to get them. Thanks.

  35. eaparicio51

    Star Rating Only

  36. Joanne525

    Star Rating Only

  37. Guiseppe

    Star Rating Only

  38. Christy Williams

    Star Rating Only

  39. Amber Shaw

    Star Rating Only

  40. Kathy

    Star Rating Only

  41. jkbroski0

    Product as described. Quality product

  42. Alexis LaHendro

    Star Rating Only

  43. Margaret Bancalari

    Made very well

  44. kudakudakuda

    Star Rating Only

  45. Teagan Reynolds

    Star Rating Only

  46. morgen16

    It's what I expected, but the ends stick out. Maybe that will change after using it for a bit.

  47. Kimberley

    Quick shipping, well designed and manufactured. My ears thank you!

  48. Chris Moreau

    Star Rating Only

  49. Chris Moreau

    Star Rating Only

  50. Jessikah

    Loved them!

  51. Paul Quinton

    Star Rating Only

  52. Limarie Aviles

    Star Rating Only

  53. everlingcandy52

    Star Rating Only

  54. Marla Sanford

    Star Rating Only

  55. Lucy Mills

    Star Rating Only

  56. Lucy Mills

    Star Rating Only

  57. Maxine Gutierrez

    Fun Ear Saver! Easy transaction and quick communication. Thank you!

  58. Adriane

    Nice product and quick delivery

  59. Markondra

    The staff loved them. The ear loops from the face mask was causing pain and it helped.

  60. Elyse Anderson Takkunen

    Star Rating Only

  61. Kimberly Newell

    Star Rating Only

  62. Jose Antonio Santos

    It’ nice but it was a little itchy at my nape coz of the rough texture of the back side. So i wore it reversed with the front side facing my nape. Hence, the words were reversed too.

  63. Linda herbster

    My hairdresser was so please with this wonderful item. Thank you so much.

  64. Amy Labresh

    Star Rating Only

  65. Amy Labresh

    Star Rating Only

  66. Amy Labresh

    Star Rating Only

  67. tina farnan

    Helps keep the backs of my ears from hurting because it’s hooked to this instead. It’s also adjustable to fit how tightly you want it.

  68. Tracismoyer

    Great little item. Holds my mask well

  69. chicagotulip

    Arrived really quickly!! Exactly as described.

  70. ambivalentspoon

    Exactly as pictured. Perfect for my needs.

  71. Jenny Green

    Star Rating Only

  72. Karen McCargo

    Star Rating Only

  73. sidfox93

    Star Rating Only

  74. Ashley Taylor

    Star Rating Only

  75. laurabeville1

    Star Rating Only

  76. Ashley Taylor

    Star Rating Only

  77. Lee Gardner

    Star Rating Only

  78. SeskaFuze

    Fits my husband's big head comfortably! Thanks so much!

  79. Rebecca Taylor

    Star Rating Only

  80. KayCustom Creations

    Love this but gets stuck in my hair but I try to prevent that and it gets stuck again of course I doubt this is avoidable I love the wording I put “this is the way” on mine people thinks it’s cute. I love it!! helps my ears not hurt from wearing my mask all day…

  81. Amber Gilbert

    Star Rating Only

  82. Amber Gilbert

    Star Rating Only

  83. Aaron Edsall

    Star Rating Only

  84. Megan Wilson

    Works really well to hold up my masks.

  85. disneyangel1527

    I’m buying more right now. ☺️

  86. missy81575

    Star Rating Only

  87. missy81575

    Star Rating Only

  88. Marie Casalaspro

    I love it. .can't wait to use it. Thank you so much

  89. Joey Rickabaugh

    Shipped fast and they work great!

  90. Joey Rickabaugh

    Shipped fast and work great!

  91. Joey Rickabaugh

    Shipped fast and they work great!

  92. Joey Rickabaugh

    Shipped fast and works great!

  93. CJEE

    Love this because it came in different sayings.

  94. Tess Botkin

    Delivered in a timely manner, exactly as described.

  95. Tess Botkin

    Delivered in a timely manner, exactly as described.

  96. Stasia

    they work perfectly and they came super fast!!

  97. Tracy Hipp

    Star Rating Only

  98. Justin Pedersen

    Star Rating Only

  99. Melissa Bork

    Star Rating Only

  100. Jennifer Hines

    Works great! I like that it is a little longer than others I have found.

  101. alumabas

    Item as described. Fast delivery. Would buy again. A+++++++

  102. Lynn Johnson

    Star Rating Only

  103. Ann Laird

    Love the sayings on these – good quality, quick shipping!

  104. Cherry Barrios

    Cute will wear it at work.

  105. Cherry Barrios

    cute will wear it at work

  106. Kimberly

    Great quality, works great. I love the fun sayings, need to find ways to find the joy in hard things.

  107. tina farnan

    Products works to keep your ears from hurting.

  108. Justin Pedersen

    Star Rating Only

  109. Rebecca Weliver

    These arrived very quicky. They work very well. I love the different sayings that can be ordered.

  110. Dianne Marble

    I've used them for a few days now and I love it. Relieves the pain on my ears!

  111. Dianne Marble

    I've used them for a few days now and I love it. Relieves the pain on my ears!

  112. Dianne Marble

    I've used them for a few days now and I love it. Relieves the pain on my ears!

  113. Jessica Parsons

    Star Rating Only

  114. Jessica Parsons

    Star Rating Only

  115. Olympia Zele Lau

    Exactly as shown and quick delivery! Thx!

  116. Kathie Yates

    This is a great little item, works perfectly.

  117. Justin Calhoun

    Star Rating Only

  118. Hillary Undestad

    The item is very stiff, I was hoping it would be a little softer, maybe a little more rubbery? It also gets stuck in my hair. The concept is wonderful though.

  119. Antoinette Nun

    And I gotten a lot of compliments on it

  120. Abby Guay

    I like the option of different sayings

  121. Abby Guay

    Arrived quickly! These will be a big help.

  122. Kristen

    Awesome ear holder! Thank you so much!! FAST SHIPPING!

  123. Jeremy Zern

    Star Rating Only

  124. Megan Moore

    Quick shipping, awesome items! Thanks!!

  125. Megan Moore

    Quick shipping, awesome items! Thanks!!

  126. Jacqueline

    Everything is exactly as promised!

  127. Jacqueline

    Everything is exactly as promised!

  128. gbharg

    This purchase took a lot of pain from my ears

  129. Mariel Calasanz

    Perfect fit ! Excellent customer service

  130. Sarah Fox

    Item arrived on time. They work. I love the sayings.

  131. Monica

    These were perfect, thank you!!

  132. Janet P Parler MD

    Superfast delivery of very unique and comfortable
    ear savers for face mask. 100% delighted with purchase!

  133. James Hixson

    Star Rating Only

  134. cheryl Perlmutter

    Star Rating Only

  135. Cassandra Leali

    Star Rating Only

  136. Cassandra Leali

    Star Rating Only

  137. J T

    Very nice quality, love that there is a saying in them. Very flexible and comfortable. Thank you so much!

  138. J T

    Very nice quality, very comfortable. Highly recommended.

  139. Rene

    The items arrived quickly and as described.

  140. Sara

    Cute idea. Not the easiest to use but I ordered more as little gifts to send with cards to loved ones during this crazy time!

  141. Wendy Shreve

    Works well! I appreciate having the "support".

  142. Whitney Colbert


  143. pennylane7875

    Star Rating Only

  144. jtatewalker1

    Star Rating Only

  145. jtatewalker1

    Star Rating Only

  146. Zelda Pastel

    Sturdy and fits well around when I pull my hair up. If you have big Type 4 hair, you're going to have to do a puff!

  147. Zelda Pastel

    Sturdy and fits well around when I pull my hair up. If you have big Type 4 hair, you're going to have to do a puff!

  148. Diana Mendoza

    This is one of the best things I've ever bought. thank you so much for everything! literal an ear saver, love it

  149. emowk

    Amazing product abd amazing seller. My first set got lost in the mail. Seller was very understanding and went above and beyond to ship a new set. Thank you again!

  150. Evangela Williams

    Wonderful invention I love my mask adjustable holders. Protects my earrings from being pulled out when I remove my mask. Thanks 😊

  151. Krummalumm

    Wish they had different colors. I haven’t used this yet but its nice!

  152. C H

    They are exactly as described, really cute, and good quality. Unfortunately, they don't seem to fit my head – they slide down my head to the back of my neck. This then yanks the mask downward, putting a lot of pressure on my nose and cheekbones. I tried putting the ear saver above a ponytail, but then it just puts a lot of pressure on my ponytail, causing a headache. Oh well, it was worth a try!

  153. larahall864

    I have to wear a mask for 8+ hours at work. This is a life saver. Shipped fast and exactly what is advertised

  154. David Brennan

    Cool little helpers, they do the job.

  155. Evangela Williams

    Star Rating Only

  156. Arthur

    Star Rating Only

  157. Shavitra Davis

    My item got lost in the mail and the seller was great about communicating with me and sending a replacement out. I love the product just don’t leave it in a hot car like I did. It got a little warped but I was able to smooth it out and it still works great.

  158. Carrie

    Does the job but brakes easily. Also bends out of shape and won't go back.

  159. Carrie

    Does the job but brakes easily. Also bends out of shape and won't go back.

  160. Tiffany

    Star Rating Only

  161. Jessikah

    Star Rating Only

  162. carolynwampler

    Shipped quickly, packed well, exactly as advertised. “Level Up” message encourages our video gamers to wear their masks.

  163. Goth Maudra

    Star Rating Only

  164. Goth Maudra

    Star Rating Only

  165. Goth Maudra

    Star Rating Only

  166. liezltracy

    It's very cute. Loved it. I may want to personalize more next time.

  167. Ellie W

    The piece is strong and flexible and the seller is absolutely fantastic. So sweet and very personable!!!

  168. mveskelson

    Works great. Can get tangled with hair but what doesn't these days.

  169. Dana Williamson

    Star Rating Only

  170. Kelley Hancock

    Star Rating Only

  171. Angelia Hodges

    Star Rating Only

  172. Tiffany Barnes

    Bought these for my other half. He loves them and they are very helpful in saving his ears from irritation as he needs to be masked for 8 hours a day.

  173. Alexandra Boswell

    I love them!! Thank you!

  174. Wonderlin LS Hernandez

    Very helpful seller. Ordered for my BIL andhe love it

  175. Margaret

    Arrived quickly and is very comfortable. This Is The Way!!

  176. Takeshanicole

    Not good colors. Sayings are so-so. They are stiff but they work.

  177. rickyannm

    Loved the item!! It’s exactly what I was looking for and It was quick shipping!! Thank you 🙂

  178. Brenna

    Exactly what I was looking for to convert ear loop masks. Thanks!

  179. Wayne Kew

    Very cool design, well made, easy to use!

  180. Kayla

    My order was lost by the USPS. The seller was very responsive to my questions about shipping. They offered a replacement to be sent. I received it right away. I appreciated their quick response and helpfulness.

  181. Sal

    Star Rating Only

  182. Heather Fleshman

    Shop owner is amazing! Somehow in the madness of Covid my original order was lost in the mail. Shop owner immediately shipped out a replacement. I’m deaf and cannot wear masks on my ears due to my devices. I was desperate for my ear savers. Thank you! I would definitely purchase again.

  183. Desiree Velez

    I ordered 3 and only got 2. Not a huge deal. They weren't expensive. But I was disappointed a bit. They work as expected.

  184. kanipe4397

    This is going to be handy when using a mask so it won't kill my ears!! Great for using since I teach in the public school system!!!

  185. Crista Ceribello

    Star Rating Only

  186. Aileen Cadiente

    Star Rating Only

  187. Carolyn

    Have not used. Will try soon. Like the sayings!

  188. Michelle Simpson

    Shipping took a bit longer than I thought, but expected with whats going on. Quality was not that great, I ordered 2 and 1 broke after the first use, the second is just to long to fit and sticks out to far to be comfortable.

  189. gencar1

    works great, thank you !

  190. Hana

    Star Rating Only

  191. Hana

    Star Rating Only

  192. John Howard

    I loved the design, but the material isn't that flexible and didn't hold up long. To bad, because the phrases on the straps were awesome too.

  193. E K Sigler

    Arrived quickly and it’s a fun way to comply with a mandate

  194. Ken

    Nice quality ear savers… great buy!!

  195. Ken

    Nice quality ear savers… great buy!!

  196. Meagan Geyer

    Star Rating Only

  197. Beth Ann

    Though the seller had speedy delivery and wonderful communication, I am sad to say the hard plastic ear saver was useless. It simply slides from the back of head to your neck dragging the mask with it.

  198. Trish Browning

    Works great!! Just what I needed.

  199. peggylee3

    I thank you very much

  200. Kimberly Ackerman

    Thought I was getting more… u may want to clarify it’s only one
    It’s good thanks

  201. Rachel Hamlett

    Star Rating Only

  202. Tonya Bethea

    Loving it……..!!!!! look just like the picture

  203. Shelby Burns

    I got compliments from a lot of my coworkers on these, and even bought a couple for them! They saved my ears during 12 hour stints in the lab doing COVID testing.

  204. Callie Stubblefield

    great quality! My ears are much happier now 🙂

  205. Monica

    these were awesome, thank you!

  206. Leslie Craven

    Very cute! Really is an ear saver!

  207. Leslie Craven

    What a great idea! It is an ear saver!

  208. Leslie Craven

    So cute and it really took pressure off my ears!

  209. Stacey

    Simple concept and worked well.

  210. Stacey

    Simple ear saver – worked well.

  211. Mariangel Arrieta

    My mom (a nurse) loves them and is gonna pass them out to her team! We had a problem with shipping because the tracking number was wrong for some reason, but other then that, 10/10

  212. Kristine Fisher Smith

    Star Rating Only

  213. Kristine Fisher Smith

    Star Rating Only

  214. Kristine Fisher Smith

    Star Rating Only

  215. JoAnn Kennedy Hoyte

    I like the item, but didn't quite like the sayings I received. I am a nurse and I guess I expected positive things on the back, instead I got science fiction movie things like Boldly Go and As you are. My mistake.

  216. Mary Cossentino

    Very cute. We liked the messages on the extenders.


    Star Rating Only


    Star Rating Only

  219. Terry

    Fast delivery!! Thank-you
    Just what I ordered

  220. Melissa Jones

    Easy to use. Durable. I work in pest control and have to remove/put on mask several times a day, this ear saver has been better than ever expected.

  221. Lance Dronkers

    Star Rating Only

  222. fiberkris

    Just as described. Timely shipping. Good quality.

  223. fiberkris

    Just as described. Timely shipping. Good quality.

  224. fiberkris

    Just as described. Timely shipping. Good quality.

  225. Jacquetta Edward

    Star Rating Only

  226. Kelsey McDaniel

    Star Rating Only

  227. Kelli Bailey

    Star Rating Only

  228. Sam Hill

    Star Rating Only

  229. Marje

    Star Rating Only

  230. Amanda Humes

    Star Rating Only

  231. cheryl Perlmutter

    Star Rating Only

  232. Earl R

    Star Rating Only

  233. Kristen

    Star Rating Only

  234. carissa nodzo

    Star Rating Only

  235. Shannon Rhea

    Helps prevent sore ears!

  236. Casey

    I absolutely love these. They were a life saver literally. I have a smallish face and this helps my mask not slide up into my eyes and keeps the elastics from rubbing my ears!

  237. Abby Guay

    They work wonderfully! Thanks!

  238. Abby Guay

    I had to order for a friend, since they wanted their own after trying mine.

  239. Casey

    I know a lot of people use this to save the backs of their ears, however I use it to keep my mask on my face and not ride up or down and it works perfectly.

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