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Clear Acrylic Toppers fit perfectly on the tumbler lid allowing you to to create fancy 3D lids decorations like faux sundae, ice and fruit, coffee beans, etc. Your decorations glue directly to the plastic toppers instead of the lid. It is removable and the lid remains functional. Easy to clean! Acrylic insert/topper pops off when its time to clean the lid and tumbler.

With or without holes cut out for magnets. Magnets are used to attach the topper to the tumbler lid. Can be either glued to the bottom of the topper or within the holes. The topper will sit lower on the lid if you opt for the holes to place the magnets in. Holes are cut for for 5mm x 3mm magnets.

*** We offer acrylic toppers for many brands of tumblers. Please see our other listings ***


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**** Available Toppers – Width in Inches Shown ****
• 20oz – Modern Curve Stainless Steel – 2.8″ (Slide or Straw)

• Slide Style = For lids with a slide style lid (See pics)
• Straw Style = For lids with no slide or the slide has been removed from the lid (See pics)
• Made with durable premium grade acrylic – 1/8-inch thick material
• Clear material
• Will come with paper mask still on both sides for protection, just peel it off. Hand wash with soap and water.

Does NOT include lid/tumbler/ice/fruit/decorations
Do not use alcohol to clean, just soap and water

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Size & Style

20oz M Curve – Slide, 20oz M Curve – Straw

Number of Toppers

5, 10, 25, 50, 100

Magnet Holes

No, Yes


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