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Your Glowforge wheel broke right when a big order just came in!? It is the Holiday Rush and your Glowforge Belt is frayed?! Keep this “Oh Shit” kit on hand for any rush season (Especially Christmas).

**Includes **
4x – V Wheels (#3 in the pictures), Temporary replacements for the factory Glowforge laser carriage gantry wheels. I personally ran these wheel for 5 months on my Glowforge.
2x – Pulley Wheels (#1 in the pictures), Temporary replacement for the factory GF Pulley Wheels
1x – Ribbed Gantry Rubber Belt – Replacement Belt for the factory Glowforge Carriage Plate Belt – 48″ long

All wheels are 3D printed out of PLA+ (Wheels are a stronger PETG)

** Bearing Install Instructions **
Wheels are made to fit the carriage gantry wheels with the 12mm bearing. Just reuse your factory bearing in these new wheels, they are made to be very tight so that they do not wiggle out once pressed in and will take a bit of force to press in

First, have the old bearing out of your old wheel. Then put the new bearing on a flat surface and set the wheel on top, align the bearing with the hole. The bearing is a tight fit, so it needs to go in straight (any angle will cause issues). Pushed, slowly, straight down.

Adjusted it from either side until it was pressed in the middle of the wheel. About 1.5mm of space will be from the top of the bearing to the top of the wheel.

** Belt Install Instructions **
Belt is slightly longer than needed, it will need trimming during install.

** Disclaimer **
Please follow the above install instructions. The bearing are a TIGHT fit, and if not installed correct the wheel could break.
The bearings are friction fit to account for the heating and cooling of the wheel. They are a tight fit so the bearing does not get skewed when the wheel heats up and expands slightly (the wheel would then cool down leaving the bearing skewed and you’d have a wobbly wheel).

Due to the nature of 3D printed items, there may be slight imperfections that will not affect the laser cutting

Glowforge “Oh Shit” Package, GF Holiday Kit, Replacement V Wheels, Pulley Wheels, Replacement Ribbed Belt, Laser Carriage Belt, 3D Printed

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3D Printed, PETG, pla, plastic, Rubber


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