Featured Project – Crazy Mayor

A brand new website using the powerful CMS Joomla along with the plugin for the Virtuemart e-commerce system. This site was built to allow the client the ability to change, add, delete everything present on the site. Custom features include several rotating banners that can be controlled from the admin area. Social marketing is also present!

Name: Crazy Mayor
Website: www.crazymayor.com
Features: VirtueMart E-Commerce, Joomla CMS, Rotating Banners, Social Media, Authorize.net Payments

Featured Project – Designer Sports

This website has gone through a recent redesign to bring its look more up to date. The back end still features a ZenCart e-commerce system for selling of their sporting goods. It also has some customized work done to allow them to post up individual “Online Stores” that are dedicated to a single sports team in a school.

Name: Designer Sports
Website: www.designer-sports.com
Features: ZenCart E-Commerce, Customize Online Store feature

Featured Project – EDS Builders

This website has gone through many years with Nani Design, this was its 3 Design as the company evolved with the advances in website technology. This site features jQuery fades to the images and video work. The video was edited from original copies to a more suited size for a website.

Name: EDS Builders
Website: www.edsbuilders.com
Features: Static Website, Rotating banner, and custom videos

Featured Project – Twin Cities Dream Cars

A redesign of an existing site to get them off of a “website building” system. Includes custom imagery for the Twin City skyline and areas where the companies own car was used. A custom registration form was put in to replace the PDF form that was always emailed out instead. The Online form includes features to import into a pdf, so the company can easily fill out their existing form from the data entered into the website.

Name: Twin Cities Dream Cras
Website: www.tcdreamcars.com
Features: Custom Design/Imagery & Custom Registration Form

Featured Project – Appraising WNC

This website is brand new and is using WordPress as a CMS so the client can maintain the website themselves. It is successfully using the “protected area” feature in WordPress to allow for a ‘members only’ section of the website. We also build a custom flash map to showcase their service areas in Carolina.

Name: Appraising WNC
Website: www.appraisingwnc.com
Features: WordPress CMS & Custom Flash Maps

Featured Project – Jesters Court

This website was done as a donation to a dear set of friends as a surprise for their business that they were trying to get off the ground. It needed to be something they could update in the future to keep business costs as low as possible.

Name: The Jester’s Court
Website: www.jesterscourt.com
Features: WordPress Blog/CMS and several Plugins

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